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Dance Residency

Established in 2008, the Tipperary Dance Residency is an initiative of South Tipperary County Council’s Art Service and Tipperary Excel Arts and Cultural Centre. The Residency aims to develop contemporary dance in the County, both as a practice and as an art form. It also aims to provide resident dancers-choreographers with support to develop their practice and artistic work.

Benefiting from the resources of a theatre and rehearsal space and dance studio at Tipperary Excel, the Residency quickly became a space for teaching and creation. Activities have ranged from workshops and performances for schools and dance groups in the community, workshops for groups of all ages, to regular classes at Tipperary Excel. The Residency has framed and supported the development of the Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company through the creation of two dance pieces,                   

 à Me seeing You ß , and MSY2[me seeing you too].


The Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company.

The Iseli-Chiod Dance Company formed in spring 2009 when Jazmin Chiodi and Alexandre Iseli, resident artists with Tipperary Dance Residency, created the duet Me seeing You . The piece has been performed in various festivals in Ireland (including Re-Presenting Ireland as part of the Dublin Dance Festival) and in Korea, Mexico and Venezuela. In 2009 South Tipperary County Council’s Arts Service and Tipperary Excel Arts and Cultural Centre commissioned Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company to develop a new work with funding awarded from the Arts Council’s commission awards. MSY2 [me seeing you too] is the outcome of that commission.

 E mail:    company@iselichiodi.com

Website:  www.facebook.com/alexandre.jazmin



Tipperary Dance Platform

Tipperary Dance Platform is a dance event held at the Tipperary Excel, designed to showcase work from leading national and international dance companies, offering a space for younger artists to show their work, public dance workshops and this year a screening of PINA, Wim Wenders' last film on Choreographer Pina Bausch's dance.


 2011 Programme

 PINA - a film by Wim Wenders

11th Oct 2011 (Tue) from 20:00 - 21:30

As part of Tipperary Dance Platform, Tiperary Excel Cine Club presents the Wim Wenders' film PINA.

«Wim Wenders presented the premiere of his ground-breaking film of Pina Bausch’s modern dance troupe. Pina brought the festival audience an experience beyond live stage performance, as dancers launched themselves out of the screen and we saw their emotions, sweat and sinews with no distance between entertainer and the entertained... The film is incredibly moving, and you are barely aware of Wender’s clever cuts that allow dancers to age, change and disappear like magic The Times.


FAST PORTRAITS - Rex Levitates Dance Company

14th Oct 2011 (Fri) from 19:30 - 21:00


Fast Portraits… a singular moment captured from diverse dancing perspectives.

Liz Roche
Dancers: Philip Connaughton, Justine Cooper, Alex Iseli, Karen Gleeson, Grant McLay, Liv O’Donoghue, Katherine O’Malley, Jonathan Mitchell
Original Score by Denis Roche
Lighting Design: Sinead Wallace
Costumes: Elaine Chapman

Inspired by the realistic observations of the true human condition by artists Bill Viola and Caravaggio, Rex Levitates explore the layers of emotion and memory that infuse captured images and transfer them into movement. The unleashing of the inherent, hidden human intensity creates complicated, life-affirming and sometimes surreal dialogues between the performers connecting them in ways previously unimagined.
This latest evening of work from the award-winning choreographer Liz Roche features two new pieces Fast Portraits and These Two People with specially commissioned scores from Denis Roche and Joel Mellin respectively. It also features a short film piece, Solo Portrait directed by Project Arts Centre Artistic Director, Willie White.

Rex Levitates
Rex Levitates is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary dance companies with a world class dance ensemble, led by Choreographer Liz Roche. To date the company has produced a diverse programme of innovative dance productions examining sources of inspiration, embodied social and cultural constructs and the intensity of physical connections and boundaries through their unique, organically developed movement style.


QUE CORRA EL AIRE ("LET THE AIR FLOW") - Compañia Danza Nomada (Spain) - (double bill)

15th Oct 2011 (Sat) from 19:30 - 21:00


Choreography: Roberto Torres (Spain)
Dancers: Maitou Sangaré (Mali), Ali Balbone (Burkina Faso), Sangone Vieira and Marie Agnes Gomis (Senegal)

Roberto Torres repeatedly felt the necessity to travel to Africa, at various moments in his life, creating a link that strengthened with time and a growing understanding of this continent. Africa inspired him as a creator. As a dancer it has enriched his expression, and as a person it touched him deeply, opening him to new worlds and new ways to be.
To be able to create with African Dancers was Roberto's aspiration, and "Que Corra El Aire" is the new challenge that he is sharing with these dancers from West Africa, a human experience that goes far beyond dance.



SOLO LOGIC - Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company - (double bill)

15th Oct 2011 (Sat) from 19:30 - 21:00


The Company Resident in Tipperary Excel Arts Centre is premiering their new piece, mixing dance and video.

Choreography : Alexandre Iseli & Jazmin Chiodi
Dance : Alexandre Iseli
Video : Francesco Cesalli (Switzerland)
Lighting design : Laurence Halloy (Belgium)
Technical management : Orla Kavanagh
Photos : Damiano Cecchelin

Solo Logic
is a dance and video project, and a public window into intimacy - also an intimate window onto the public. It is instinctive, sensitive, and if it’s logical, it will really have to be solo logic.
The Solo Logic project emerged with a decision to stop following usual patterns of movement. A necessity that came up when I felt stamina starting to give in to experience and my movement vocabulary felt too fluent to leave space for my inner voices. Solo was the logical explorative step, aiming to reset the balance between energy and finesse, between experience and freshness, skills and sensitivity… In the piece, the video is treated as a window revealing the expression of numerous daily acts of violence that affect our intimacies.

Alexandre Iseli has been working with a number of companies in Europe in the last twenty years including Rex Levitates in Ireland, Régine Chopinot at National Choreographic Center (CCN) La Rochelle in France, Joanne Leighton Velvet in Brussels, Odile Duboc CCN Franche-Comté in France, Philippe Saire in Switzerland.

Through his work Alexandre has been exploring an energetic dance that emphasises momentum and space, and takes root in the fields and rivers of childhood games.

In 2008, Alexandre Iseli and Jazmin Chiodi took over the direction of Tipperary Dance Residency, giving impulse to a wide range of activities to develop dance in Tipperary, including the founding of Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company.  This is the company’s third creation – but first solo – involving video. The piece is the result of a fine collaborative and mirroring process between Alexandre, Jazmin and video artist Francesco Cesalli.


THE GOLDILOCKS ZONE - Nick Bryson & Damian Punch

16th Oct 2011 (Sun) from 15:00 - 16:00

Presented by RW International in association with Legitimate Bodies Dance Company

Sharp patter …  an ear for the high-flying inanities of public speechifying and an eye for visual gags that are genuinely laughable.”The Herald.

Nick Bryson & Damien Punch, acclaimed for being trapped in the bodies of peacemaking Northern Ireland politicians in their first show 'Hanging in There', now take even more gigantic steps forward, but this time for the benefit of the whole of mankind!
At last two Irish astronauts take their first steps into space … which of course cannot be anything less than a giant leap for mankind. Our nation’s space travel programme gets going as the destiny of humankind is in the balance. Nick and Damian take on a mission surely doomed to failure, to locate another planet where we can all live. Only the luck of the Irish can save them!!!
This is a zany and hilarious space journey by two unique and outlandish physical performers. How can they make sense of the mind-boggling distance to be travelled, land their spacecraft safely and use their charm to invite themselves to alien parties? Only sleepiness, space bees, damage from ray guns and silly arguments may stand in their way. ‘The Goldilocks Zone’ is a work for all age groups and species. … Not too hot, not too cold but just right.
Pleasingly low-tech props and a rather shambolic approach,… hit a perfect note with audiences.” Spotlight
“Joyous and fun, creating entertainment from tough ideas” The Skinny

Legitimate Bodies Dance Company
Legitimate Bodies Dance Company led by artistic duo Nick Bryson & Cristina Goletti, is one of the most thrilling dance initiatives in Ireland. As the company in residence at Birr Theatre & Arts Centre, they maintain their artistic practice and have initiated dance, educational & outreach programmes for children, youth & community, creating a momentum for contemporary dance in the Midlands.   


SOLO LOGIC - Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company -

16th Oct 2011 (Sun) from 19:30 - 21:00


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